AustCh Klaar Jasey Jay’s Treasure (Imp Can)

Whelped:  27 February 2010
Owner:  Johanna Lynch
Breeder:  Dermott Young

27 February 2021

25 Sept 2018

BSDCV Specialty – 4 Nov 2017 – Photo by Danni Showers

26 March 2016

26 March 2016

JohDam Andromedas Glory Eh
JohDam Athabascan Crown Eh
JohDam Jaspers Treasure Eh
JohDam Yukon Daredevil Eh
Tervailles J J Jackpot

Klaar Hap Hazard CanCh Casarborg’s Foxy Hermes
CanCh Klaar Treasure of Gildas
CanCh Klaar Coco Chanel du Gildas Klaar Earl Logan
CanCh Klaar Treasure of Gildas