JohDam Yukon Daredevil Eh

Sire:  AustCh Klaar Jasey Jay’s Treasure (Imp Can)
Dam:  AustCh Belgenbeau Dumaji Wotnow RN
Whelped: 11 December 2016
Hips: AVA 1:1
Elbows: AVA 0:0
Complete Scissor Bite
Seizure Free


Nyx lives nearby with a very dear friend of mine whom has done an excellent job of raising this beautiful character of a Tervueren!  I am very excited for her future!

Nyx was the first born for the “JohDam” prefix, and it is almost like it was meant to be – as she is likely to become part of the next generation of JohDam, and the solidification of some amazing pedigree lines that I truly believe in!  It’s very exciting!

Nyx has been fully DNA profiled.

Pedigree of  JohDam Yukon Daredevil Eh

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE  AustCh Klaar Jasey Jay’s Treasure (Imp Can) Klaar Hap Hazard BISS CanCh Casarborg’s Foxy Hermes
CanCh Klaar Perfect Treasure of Gildas
CanCh Klaar Coco Chanel du Gildas Klaar Earl Logan
CanCh Klaar Perfect Treasure of Gildas
DAM  AustCh  Belgenbeau Dumaji WotNow RN Allianse Lord OValkyrie AustCh Corraddee Lord  Valhalla
Tiloup De Romanin
Belgenbeau BeZed Scarlett Aisance Zodiaque
AustCh Bonvivant Alcheringa