RUBISS, BIG, AustCh Erlander Francine

Sire:  JCh KlCh Athos Comme un Reve Noir BTr
Dam:  AustCh Erlander Bella Brianna CD ET
7 August 2008 – 1 October 2019
Elbows 0:0
Hips 4:4

ACES Clear at six years of age
Complete Scissor Bite
Seizure Free
Bred by Rob and Barbara Dunlop


Salsa was an amazing girl, full of bounce.
She’s super quick to learn and had so much confidence it’s almost scary.  In my humble opinion, she had one of the top three temperaments of any Belgian I’ve EVER met! I’ve owned, shown, and been with Belgians since 1994 so that’s quite a statement.

Salsa had a head that’s to-die-for. Correct zygomatics, lovely dark and well shaped eyes and all the required pigmentation. She had nice high ear set and a complete scissors bite. She had a lovely body which is nice and square and quite well angulated. She was not “hypertypical” and had more of the classical-type found in most of her lineage. I prefer this type as it is more natural and correct to the standard and doesn’t lend itself towards health problems such as “buggy eyes” and teeth problems.

Salsa grew up very evenly – never having gone through a stage of the “uglies”.

I have NO doubt that she, like Elda, would have won the “sujet recommande”  title at the French “Nationale D’Élevage” (Belgian Shepherd National Specialty) if given the opportunity.

Unfortunately Salsa was given sleep on 1 October 2019, due to lymphoma.


Pedigree of   RUBISS, BIG, AustCh Erlander Francine

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE  JCh KlCh Athos Comme un Reve Noir BTr s.r. Ch T.s. Xurco de L’Ocre Noir s.r. NLCh Topaze de L’Ocre Noir
Linja de la Douce Plaine
Zisvaja van de Hoge Laer Falco van de Lamar
Nadia de la Grande Lande
DAM  AustCh Erlander Bella Brianna CD ET NLCh Djaegar van de Lamar NLCh Kwando vande Hoge Laer
Jolie-Canelle du Domaine Ponti
BISS AustCh Aisance Tajique AustCh Red Arrow Of Timberhall
Aisance La Scala