s.r. Can/AustCh Klaar Elda HIC (Imp Can)

Sire:  s.r. Am/CanCh MBISS, BPIS Gildas du Mas des Lavandes CDX
Dam:  Havane du Mas des Lavandes
16 October 1994 – 31 July 2006
Hips: OFA Good (BM-764G34F-T)
Complete Scissors Bite
Seizure Free
Bred by Klaar Belgians


Elda was one of those really special dogs who made an unforgettable impact on anyone she met.  She’s quick to suck you in and make you think she’s the sweetest dog that ever existed.  She was partial to men and would give them “The Lean”.

Elda came to us in 1997 at the age of two and a half.  That August we took her to France for the 1997 French National Specialty.  At that show she was graded Excellent (judge: Mme Berton-Sarlat) in conformation, graded Pass + in the temperament test (you can only get a pass, pass +, or fail), as well as being selected as one of the few dogs each year (of an entry of over 800) at that show for the coveted “Sujet Recommande” title (s.r.).  Elda was the first ever North American bred Belgian Shepherd of any variety to do that.   Her achievement opened the doors for others in North America to acquire the same status, as there have been many Belgians since then to go over and obtain that recognition. Elda was, to the best of my knowledge, the first Malinois (and second Belgian including all varieties – the first being the Groenendael s.r. AustCh Phebus des Terres Bergeres) to be imported with the s.r. title.

Elda achieved her Canadian Championship in November of 1999 and her Australian Championship in December of 2002.  She had strong herding instincts and got her Herding Instinct Certificate easily at a weekend herding clinic.  

The Specialist Judges who recognized her qualities and gave her “Excellent” ratings are: Mme Berton Sarlat (France), Michele Griole (France), Russel Beach (USA), Alleyne Dickens (USA), Benoit Thevenon (France), Amanda McLaren (UK), Mme Marie-France Varlet (France).

We feel very lucky to have owned a girl of such quality.

Pedigree of  s.r. Can/AustCh Klaar Elda HIC (Imp Can)

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE  s.r. Am/CanCh MBISS, BPIS Gildas du Mas des Lavandes CDX RE Elliot du Buis D’Aps s.r. FrCh Ruben de la Belle Heaumiere
Anna du Buis D’Aps
RE FrCh Evane du Mas des Lavandes RE Iago du Maugre
RE FrCh Akene du Mas des Lavandes
DAM  Havane du Mas des Lavandes RE FrCh D’MJ de la Vallee de Forges s.r. FrCh Mulrick de la Croix Barbe
RE Sally du Chemin du Bois de Craon
RE FrCh Akene du Mas des Lavandes RE FrCh SwissCh Pollux du Mas des Lavandes SchHIII
RE FrCh Sandy du Mas des Lavandes